Joan Clarke
Liberatory Tech Collective

The Clarke Collective is dedicated to the advancement of human kindness and ingenuity
through techologies that enhance our capacity for empathy and make acts of liberation part of our daily lives.



An AI-enabled guide for viewers to pick out movies without activating content.

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Beginners Guide To Cryptography

An intro to crypography for fundamentals for those who don't necessarily have a math or technology background.

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Black Cross Prisoner Letter Writing

An app and API backend for communicating with our incarcerated loved ones.

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Our Team

Paxana Wiedeman
Project Management
Android Native
Frances Chanel
Web Development
System Administration
Ari Perezdiez
Social Media

Our Mission

We believe that the human spirit inherently leans toward empathy, kindness, and freedom. We believe that by utilizing technology as a tool in those aims we can build a a better society for everyone.

Joan Clarke in sepia tone, looking into the camera.

Our collective is named for English cryptographer and mathematician Joan Clarke. Alongside Alan Turing and others her mathemtical prowess helped defeat the Nazis. Despite her genius and heroism her contributions have remained obscured largely by misogyny in the STEM fields. Together with some of the greatest thinkers in the UK in her generation she revolutionized the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics